When you’re telling a story, have you constructed anticipation? In the short-term, have you made me want to know what will happen next? But more importantly, have you made me want to know how it will all conclude in the long-term? Have you constructed honest conflicts with truth that creates doubt in what the outcome might be? An example would be in ‘Finding Nemo,’ in the short tension, you were always worried, would Dory’s short-term memory make her forget whatever she was being told by Marlin. But under that was this global tension of will we ever find Nemo in this huge, vast ocean?
Oscar winner Andrew Stanton (Toy Story, Wall-E)


I think we’ve linked to another article on this site before, but this is a wonderful explanation of a really nice tree solution.

I’ve stumbled across the modified card normals approach myself, but that was based off a cloud rendering demo I saw. I hadn’t realized that it was a well-known way of doing things for trees and grass.